La Salle College, Ondo is specially founded to assist in the educational upliftment of Nigeria. It is one of several thousands of such institutions by private individuals and missionaries to save the falling standard of education in Nigeria. It is not that there are not enough schools in Ondo town, but the thirst for an institution with excellent academic record and a high moral standard of discipline, 

Teachers and structures that are committed to high standard of educational attainment and a serene environment in the face of growing decay and moral decadence in our schools. La salle College was founded to provide moral, scholastic and holistic education. 

La Salle College, Ondo was formerly novitiate training place of the Catholic De La Salle Brothers in Nigeria, since 1966, with two big Imposing storey buildings and a bungalow (which now serves as kitchen for La Salle College). It was in April 1999 that the Nigeria Sector Commission for Education of the De La Salle Brothers recommended that a Secondary School be established on our property known as De La Salle Centre, Ondo”. This initial recommendation came from former students of the Brothers from St. Joseph College, Ondo who wanted a quality school for their children and grand children. 

The college took off in September, 2003 with two temporary classrooms partitioned from one of the big storey buildings housing the Brothers. La Salle College is therefore a Private Missionary institution established by the (Catholic) De La Salle Brothers in Nigeria with full approval of the Superior General of the De La Salle Brothers and his council in Rome in June 2003. The Pioneer Principal Rev. Br. Peter Anifaloba, FSC (Late) named the school La Salle College, Ondo. La Salle College, Ondo was conceived primarily as a School Certificate Awarding Institution that: 

i.	Draw students from across diverse social, economics, ethnic and religious backgrounds. 

ii.	Pursue circular activities relevant to the socio economic development of Nigeria geared towards self empowerment in the spirit of the Federal Government 6-3-3-4 system of education. 

Today, through hard work and sense of responsibility, the school has grown in number of both staff and students. More classroom blocks have been added to the existing ones. The school has well stocked; 

*	Computer and Multimedia Room for ICT. 
*	Modern Science Laboratory 
*	Well Stocked Library 
*	Well Stocked Clinic for Staff and Students 
*	Boreholes for Water supply 
*	Chapel for church services 
*	Modern toilet facilities 
*	A piggery, goat farming 
*	a sports and games facilities 
*	Carpentry workshop for school furniture maintenance 
*	A multipurpose hall under construction 
*	A standard football field 
*	A standard basketball court 
*	An ultra modern well equipped sick bay 


La Salle compound is divided into four parts. They are; 
1.	The Academic section 
2.	The hostels 
3.	Staff Quarters 
4.	Brothers’ Residence. 
Each section has complete facilities. 


Lasallian schools are Catholic Educational Communities inspired by the vision of St. John Baptist De La Salle, providing a human and Christian education to the young, solidarity with the living tradition of the institute of the Brothers of the Christian schools. (De La Salle Brothers) 


The teachers of La Salle College, Ondo will focus on academic excellence through innovative and interdisciplinary interaction, based on our Lasallian tradition of Faith, Service and Community for social justice.


To provide a holistic/all round education to our students.


The staff of La Salle College, Ondo will assist individual learners to; 
1.	Achieve their potentials 
2.	develop a feeling of self-worth rooted in human dignity 
3.	develop responsiveness to dynamic processes of learning; 
4.	develop a sense of personal responsibility in society at local, national and international levels and 
5.	excel in his academic work. 
6.	Be faith filled in their ministry 



Faith and Hardwork


College Logo	

THE ROUND CIRCLE: Signifies the world, as the De La Salle Brothers are in the six continents of the world.
THE CREST inside the circle reminds us of the Lasallian Mission of 	Education of our contemporary world.
THE STAR inside the crest is the sign of faith (SIGNUM FIDEI) which enables both staff and students of La Salle College to see all things in the light of the gospel, with eyes of faith.
THE TWO DOTS ** is the beacon of hope holding forth La Salle College, Ondo from generation to generation.
THE SASH carrying both the Globe and Crest stands as a foundation which holds Faith and Harwork; The motto of La Salle College, Ondo.


Blue, Black, Yellow and Brown.