*La Salle College is Part of a Global Family*
La Salle College Ondo, Nigeria is part of a global educational network present in 80 countries of the world. The school
is owned and administered by a Catholic religious congregation known as Brothers of the Christian Schools aka De La Salle Brothers founded in 1680, in France by St John Baptist De La Salle. The BROTHERS use education as a means to teach minds, touch hearts and transform lives of young people entrusted to them. 

*La Salle Cares*
La Salle College is committed to Human and Christian education through  discipline that sees to the social and psychological challenges facing the young people and their families as a wholistic approach. Since the arrival of the De Salle Brothers in Nigeria in 1956, they have offered quality education services  in different States in Nigeria; Ondo, Kwara, Benue, Adamawa, Lagos, Borno, Taraba. Currently, they own and minister La Salle College Ondo, Mount La Salle College Naka and La Salle Primary Naka Benue State. 

*The Birth of A College*
In 2003, Br Peter Olajire Anifaloba FSC of blessed memory, bearing the flag of the De La Salle Nigeria responding to the call of former students of the Brothers from St Peter’s Akure, and St Jospeh’s Ondo to reshaped the then “De La Salle Centre, Ondo” into what is today La Salle College, Ondo with less than thirty boys. Today, that initiative is home to over 200 boys both day and boarding and over 50 staff. 

*The Bright Light of La Salle College Ondo*

Former La Salle College boys are currently studying and working within Nigeria and outside the continent of Africa in America and Europe excelling as proud products of Lasallian education. 

*Know La Salle Better*
Read more about De La Salle Brothers and La Salle education: www.lasalle.org. 

_*La Salle College, Ondo is here for you*_

St John Baptist, De La Salle –*Pray for us!*

*Live Jesus in Our Hearts –Forever!*

Br. Kesiki Simon FSC



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Rescheduled School Calendar for 2020/2021 Academic Session


General Photograph of the entire college, Ondo


The Sector Coordinator meeting with the staff's and student's of La'salle college, ondo


The sector coordinator of De La Salle Brothers Nigeria meeting with School Excos, and the PTA Executives